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Jobs at Apache

At Apache, we not only develop great products, we also develop great people! As a company focused on product innovation, sustainability, and customer service, our associates drive our pace of growth through a strong bias of action and pride in what we do.

From Engineering to Accounting, we are always looking for the brightest professionals. At Apache, we are staffing the following departments:


Apache Mills is a product company driven by innovation, functional and fashion forward designs, and our speed to market. Our dedicated marketing team works in a challenging fast pace environment and we look for energetic and creative people who thrive in such environment.

Jobs in the Marketing department are:

        Graphic Designer
        Product Development and Research Managers
        Product Management
        Public Relations and Copy Writer
        General Marketing duties

We always welcome new artists and designers to present their portfolio for potential employment and freelance opportunities.

Please submit portfolios to: marketing@apachemills.com


Our Sales staff consists of in-house sales associates and outside sales representatives. As our company has experienced rapid growth, the work load can be demanding but also rewarding. The Apache sales team is always up for the challenge and we look to hire people with great sense of responsibility and urgency.

Please submit portfolios to: sales@apachemills.com


Our Operation must deliver products on spec and within the shipping window our customer demand. At Apache, we have two factories and several warehouses that keep running non-stop! We hire energetic people that get things done and produce quality work.

In our Operation, we hire people for:

        Machine Operators
        Engineering and Maintenance
        Quality Control
        Human Resources

Please submit portfolios to: operations@apachemills.com


Our administrative employees must demonstrate great integrity and honesty in a fast pace office environment. We look for bright and energetic professionals who are team players and look to further their skills in business and administrative practices.

Jobs at Apache are:

        Purchasing and Procurement
        Information Systems
        General Cleric

Please submit portfolios to: operations@apachemills.com